Renew Your Creative Resolutions

We're definitely in 2014, there's no denying that right now. How's it going with those things you promised you were going to do or not do this year? 

I read a study that said only 8% of these people achieve their resolutions. So... yeah. Maybe I should ask about last year's resolutions? Or ones from the year before? 

We essentially always want the same things - to be better. Whether it's losing weight, saving money, working less, sleeping more or getting a new job - they all lead you to a better you. And require a lot of hard work and discipline.

So let's be realistic and set some reasonable and achievable goals. Goals you can accomplish within the next week, month and three months. 

Here are the resolutions I posted in 2012, which are still relevant, funny enough. Have a read and pick 3 to jump right on immediately. Write them on a post-it and put them somewhere you can see every day so you don't forget. 

If you’re in school:
* Stay up to date on every and anything going on in the industry.

* Network with classmates, graduates and working professionals.

* Enter as many competitions as possible.

* Never give up.

* Push all my ideas to be award-winning, quality, conceptual and artfully-executed pieces.

If you’re looking for a job:
* Research the people, places and clients you want to work on and reach out to the appropriate people to make it happen.

* Always write thank you notes.

* Update your book as often as possible to keep it current and keep yourself busy.

* Push, push, push and push.

* Make looking for a job your job and put in several hours a day into emailing, calling and meeting with people.

If you already have a job:

* Collect and keep all the files of things you’ve been working on. Produced or not. Just in case.

* Update your book at least twice this year.

* Find a work mentor and a work ally to help you grow.

* Impress your boss and coworkers.

* Work harder than your boss and coworkers.

* Look at every project like “This is my chance to be amazing.” And find a way to make it true.

* Always do your best. Always.