How To Burn A Bridge

The advertising industry is a small town. Everybody knows somebody that knows
somebody that knows you. Which is great when you're looking for a job, a recommendation or a connection to another person. Which is why I say things like Don't Be an Asshole, Watch Your Step at the Front Desk and You're Kevin Bacon.

And that is why when you burn a bridge in this business, no matter how small it may seem, it's a big deal. 

I saw a bridge go up in flames at work recently. A young writer had struck a few matches, perhaps practice shots, and then threw three solid molotov cocktails in one conversation. For example, saying things like she didn't want to make updates and didn't care about the project since she was leaving in a week.

Similar thoughts have probably crossed our minds at some point. Whether with a parent, friend or colleague - anyone you thought was doing the most when you knew for a scientific fact that you didn't have time for that and were fully and completely over it.

Especially after you've signed the offer letter for the new job, put in your two-week notice at your current job and are busy trying to pick your first day outfit.

We've all been about to leave a situation we didn't like and started feeling high off the fumes of greener grass and full on IDGAFs and wanted to pull one of these:

But we're all adults here. And this is not a movie.

Soooo... yeah, that's not going to work.

Especially not in the small town of Advertising, NY.

There's a right way to leave a job - no matter what your experience was or when your last day is - and that way is with a big smile, a good impression and few Jameson shots.

Anything else is classless.