Get Recommended on LinkedIn

60% of getting a job in advertising is based on who you know. 30% is based on whether or not they think you're awesome. 10% is whether or not you actually are awesome. (I made those percentages up, but you get the idea.) 

LinkedIn is a great platform for career growth because it quickly and easily shows who you know, And when you get recommended on LinkedIn, the whole world knows that they think you're awesome. 

You didn't even have to toot your own horn, name drop or do some big song and dance. 

Too easy. 

3 Quick Tips to Help You Get LinkedIn Recommendations:

1. Reach out to people you've worked with and made a good impression to. They don't have to just be creative directors. They can be partners you've had, strategists you've worked with, former teachers or recruiters. 

2. Make a list of a few key accomplishments and skills that pertain to the time you and that person shared together to give them fodder. Help them remember why you're great and make writing the reco as easy as possible. Bullet points work perfectly. 

3. Write them a reco first. For one, it makes them feel good and feel good about you. Secondly, LinkedIn prompts people to write one for you when they get yours. If you don't hear from them within a week, follow up with a formal request and your list from #2.

Your LinkedIn recommendation is essentially a product review. What do people think of you and your brand? Would they buy you again? Recommend you to a friend? 

According to these stats, 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates and the average LinkedIn user has 5 recommendations. 

Get to work.