2014 To Don't List: 7 Things To Stop Doing Today

Yes, it's February. And yes, I'm talking about changes to make for the new year. (Studies show only 64% of people maintain their resolutions past the first month. 46% make it 6 months.) And honestly, it doesn't matter if it's February 6th, April 21st, August 24th or November 2nd. Every day is a chance to do something amazing.

We should always aim to be better today than we were yesterday and almost as awesome as you'll be tomorrow.

So here's your official Shit To Stop Doing Starting Today List 

- Stop Complaining. The world isn't against you. This isn't the worst thing that's every happened to you. This isn't going to kill you. Complaining doesn't change anything. Action does.

- Stop Comparing Yourself to Others. Things aren't easier for them. They aren't lucky. You aren't behind. You aren't a loser. You don't suck. There's enough success and happiness for everyone, so stop acting like if someone else is doing good, you can't. Compare yourself to you. Are you better than you were last year? Five years ago? Yesterday? Focus on being the best YOU and living your own story.

- Stop Blaming People, Places & Things. If only this didn't happen or if that person did that thing or whatever it is you think is the cause of the difficulty you're in... Get over it. Get over yourself. Own up to your mistakes, your misunderstanding, your misuse of time, your misdirection. I hated when the nuns said this back in elementary school, but it's true - when you point one finger at someone there are 3 more pointing back at you. (Read this past post about Excuses.) 

- Stop Giving Up. You're a problem solver. You're a creative person. Figure it out."Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." - Thomas A. Edison

- Stop Yelling. This is an office, not a playground. You're an adult, not a toddler. Yelling at your computer, coworker, chair or someone on the phone just makes you look stupid. If you want to be heard, say things people want to listen to. Oh, and stop throwing tantrums. No one wants to deal with that shit.

- Stop Office Gossiping. It's fun and all, but spreading gossip to/with your coworkers doesn't make people like you more. They're just using you. And underneath it all, they don't trust you because they know you'd go gossip about them at the drop of a dime.

- Stop Saying "I Don't Know." You sound lazy. Remember earlier when I said you're a problem solver and a creative? Yeah. Never forget that. (Read more in this older post: Don't 'I don't know' Me.)