2014 To Do List: 7 Things To Start Doing Today

Let's not even call these resolutions actually. Consider this a To Do list - well, actually - a Start and Keep Doing list.

Things to Start Doing

- Read Articles. On Adage, Adweek, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Huffington Post - wherever. Just read things and be up to date on what's going on around you. Trust me. "I read this article that said..." is always a great way to start a conversation. 

- Give Praise. Think about how great it feels when someone tells you that you've done a good job, or they like your idea or thank you for your hard work. Spread the love. It'll make you feel good. 

- Research. Think before you speak. Read before you write. Research before you concept. Before you build, always make sure you're starting on a solid foundation of knowledge and thought. 

- Take a break. Whether it's 15 minutes to poke around on Facebook, 30 minutes to take a walk, an hour lunch break at a restaurant or a mental health day - make sure you give your brain and body the rest they need. No one is going to be mad at you for using your vacation days. 

- Get in early. Skip the snoozing and get to work 30 minutes earlier than you should. Take that time to handle personal business, read and sort emails, organize your calendar and plan your day or read articles and research stuff for the day. Give yourself that extra time to start your work day right. 

- Share information. Read a great article? Had a conversation with someone else that gave you insights on the project? Learned something new? Spread the word. Don't hoard information as if you're going to get some prize for being the one that knows XYZ. You'll be respected more for wanting to help everyone else grow than for being a know-it-all. 

- Say Yes. Sometimes we're posed with questions or assignments that seem ridiculous or unrealistic and we immediately say "Nope, can't happen." But if you were to sit with it a bit, play around with it, flip it around, I bet you could find an answer. Change your point of view and let No be the last resort. You're a creative, so be creative. 

I have a post-it that says this at my desk. I truly believe it.