Past Me Gets It

Funny thing happened recently - I searched* my blog to look for advice.

Luckily, Past Me is kinda smart and super helpful when Present me is kind of a mess.

I kicked myself pretty hard for being a dummy. I know that stuff. Past Me was on the ball. Present Me needs to get her life together ASAP.

Then I was reminded of the fourth lesson of the Four Agreements: Always do your best. 

The idea is that your best today may not be the same as your best tomorrow. But you should always try your hardest.

For instance, the level of awesome I can achieve on Monday, when the sun is shining and my fro is just right, is different to the level of awesome I can achieve on Thursday when I've had 4 hours of sleep and it's 57 degrees out. But I can still be awesome. Maybe just not as awesome as other times. It'll just be more like Awesome Lite, the lower calorie version of Awesome.

There are going to be times (lots of times) when you just aren't doing as well as you know you can do - as you should do. And you will shake your head at yourself and say:

But it's okay.

Don't beat yourself up if you're having a rough day/week. It happens. Don't let it discourage you and make you consider quitting. Quitting is never the answer. (Unless you smoke cigarettes or crack. Then stop doing that shit.)

Just never stop trying, never stop learning and never stop growing.

There are several ranges on the scale of awesome, as long as you make it there, even if you're at the low end of awesome, you're still accomplishing something. And that's better than some people can say.

Here are all  Four Agreements, hopefully they inspire and comfort you today:

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