Mistakes Your Mouth Makes

Yes, let's just blame it on your mouth. Your brain knows the right thing, but your mouth - so defiant and unruly - just goes and saying things however it pleases. Rude. 

Let's have a Come-To-Jesus with your mouth today to help it get its act together. 

Starting off, make today the last day you say "irregardless" however. It my greatest fear that so many people are going to start saying the word incorrectly that Webster will add the incorrect usage to the dictionary and then all hope will be lost. All. Hope. Lost. 

It's one thing when "sexting" gets added, but "literally" now meaning "figuratively" is literally a tragedy. 

Talk how you want to talk with your friends and family, but at work, especially in written communications, kindly get your shit together.

So how about, instead of using or pronouncing a word incorrectly, you learn the correct way? 
Below are several sites that have lists of the wrongs and rights so you can get your mouth in shape.

Ready? And go: 

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via LifeHack 

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Thanks to all my friends who know how much these types of things annoy me and so thoughtful have shared many of these links with me. You are literally the best.