Inspiration: The Answer To Why You Do This

If anyone ever asks you what a copywriter or art director does and why you want to be one, share this collection of ads with them. Ads like these make me proud to be a creative and inspired to make something amazing.

If you ever ask yourself why you want to be a copywriter or art director... well, not if, when you ask yourself why you're doing this, don't look at collections like these.

I think all creatives are in a Love/Hate relationship with advertising. We all have a point where we look at our computer screens and say "Seriously???" and contemplate getting a job at Whole Foods instead. (Read this post for tips on dealing with it.)

When that happens, check out This Advertising Life and feel comfort in knowing that you're not alone. Then take a break. Stare pensively out of a window like Jack Donaghy. Google what do lawyers do (spoiler alert: stuff like "research a tax law in international trade for a corporate executive.") 

Then, and only then, check out collections like this and be inspired.

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