8 Must Haves of a Creative's Desk

My fav artist: Ananda Mahu
Most agencies have open floor plans with little or no dividers between you and
 everyone else. Which is great for a lot of things (I assume since every agency is doing this now, but I'm not sure what exactly) but one of the downfalls is no privacy or personal space. 

But just because you don't have a proper office, cubicle or officle doesn't mean you can't make where you sit feel comfortable and special.

Personally, there are a few things that make me feel most relaxed and creative. 

My couch is on the top of that list. But since I can't work from home every day, I do what I can to simulate that feeling in the office.

Creative Desk Must Haves 

(for people named Neisha Tweed.) 

1. Things to write on. A note pad and post-its are my go tos. You want to have something close by whenever genius strikes. Or if you need to doodle.

2. Something that inspires you. A picture, a quote, a solar-powered dancing frog...whatever that thing is that makes you keep going, keep it in clear sight.

3. A bit of home. For me that's sea shells from St Kitts. I live the quote "Home is wherever you are" and try to carry a piece of home the makes me feel warm and whole. 

4. Tools of the trade. Whether you are a writer or AD, keep markers, pencils, an exacto knife and a bucket of thumbtacks at your desk. Trust me.

Client clothes/shoes. Have a blazer and/or heels. If you suddenly get called to present in front of the client you better look presentable. 

Snacks. For the late nights, the times you skip lunch to beat a deadline and those times you're thinking really hard and need something to do with your hands. Whether you get pistachios or Skittles is up to you. 

7. A talking piece. Something, anything random that people will ask about. Breaking the ice is easier when you have a ninja sword hung over your cupboards - literally and figuratively. (Warning, don't take weapons to work. You'll probably get arrested.)  

8. (Optional.) Office shoes/clothes. Before I get settled in on my desk and fully ready to work, I switch into flip flops and a comfy cardigan. I learned it from Mr. Rogers. 
Blame my childhood.