Inspiration: 80 Creative Ads + 3 Reasons You Should Care

I try to post something inspirational at least once a week. Actually, inspirational isn’t the right aspirational. The things I post with the tag “inspiration” should be looked at as awesome creative you should aspire to creative. Things you should want to do, and do even better.
word – it’s not a Mother Theresa quote –  I guess I more so mean

Creatives should constantly be looking at ads. Good ads, bad ads, current ads, old ads, foreign ads. Seeing what others have done and how they’ve done it is crucial to your growth as a copywriter/art director.

Why? Because it makes you better.

When you’re looking at ads, keep these 3 things in mind:

What Works: What about this is good? Can you see what the concept is? And how it comes
through the execution. Is it right for the brand? What’s the key message/takeaway? Can any other brand say/do the same thing?

How to craft: What about the way this is done that’s good? Look at the copy – the tone, the twist, the words the writer chose to use. And for the art direction – why does the layout work? Look at how crisp and clean it is. The lighting, staging and colours, etc. Really take the time to see the techniques the team used and all the pieces that come together to make the whole thing great.

How this can help you: Make a note of what you learned and how you can use that in other work later on. I’m not in any way suggesting ripping someone off – but take the tidbits and techniques and use it as a jumping off point. See how they took that headline and made a witty twist? Or how the art director desaturated the image to bring out more of the details. 

Let their greatness stimulate your greatness.

See all 80 Creative Ads ---> Here. 

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