I'll Drink To That

Cheers to the weekend! It may be a bit early to be talking about booze, so let's this pretend this blog post is a mimosa or Bloody Mary, which, for some reason, are more acceptable to drink before noon than a scotch on the rocks.

The conversation about advertising and alcohol can be a bit touchy. There are so many rules, restrictions and reasons we probably shouldn't advertise it at all.

Should you put alcohol ads in your book? 

1. Is this alcohol ad freaking awesome enough to go in your book?
(This is what you should be asking for everything you consider putting on your site: "Is it awesome?" Visit Awesome-or-Awful for help testing your ideas. Hash tag shameless plug.)  

2. Is this alcohol ad freaking awesome (and legal) enough to run in real life?

The whole point of creating a portfolio is to show that you know what's up. That you know how to think strategically and find creative solutions for brands and how the advertising industry works. Your ads needs to look like they're ready to go live tomorrow. So, make sure you show that you understand the category and the way the brands live in our world.

So the answer is Yes, But. YES, you can put an alcohol ad in your book, BUT it better be amazing and it better abide by the industry regulations.

When in doubt, do a responsible drinking or don't-drink-and-drive PSA instead. Everybody loves a good PSA. And seriously, it better be damn good.

Since it's 5 o' clock in Prague now, I think it's safe for us to look at some alcohol ads.
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Below are a few of my favs.