Top 3 Reasons To Go To AdColor

What are you doing September 18th – 21st
The correct answer is going to AdColor in LA.

The AdColor Industry Conference and Awards show is a spectacular exhibition of talent, inspiration, knowledge-sharing, celebration, and of course, color.

There's so much I can say about it, actually there's too much. It’s kind of like the Grammy's, One Show, Lifetime Achievement Awards but with seminars, panels, a ridiculous amount of networking and slightly too much fun.

Last year was my first time going (mostly because of this gem) And this year, I’m fortunate to be going back and speaking on a panel, Madison's Browne's F@#$ The Titles town hall. Hashtag excited.

Now. Let’s talk about why you should be there.

Don’t tell me it’s too expensive, too far or too whatever other excuse you were about to come up with. I don’t want to hear it. (I probably won’t, unless you called me or stopped by my desk. Don’t stop by my desk.)

The Facts:
1. If you strategize properly, you can get sponsorship from your agency. 
2. It's an investment in yourself and your career, thus, completely worth it. (Unless you want to suck.) 
3. It's tax deductible. 
4. When else will you be surrounded by so many awesome people of color? 
5. You don't want to suck.

I reached out to a few people who’ve been to AdColor and I got waaay more than 10 reasons. But they fit neatly into 3 buckets, so let’s here are 

3 Reasons You Should Be At AdColor 2013

1. Networking
Boris Kudjoe + Soledad O'Brien
  • This industry is all about who you know, and everyone you need to know to get ahead will be there.
  • It's like networking boot camp. Instead of having to wait months between multicultural networking opportunities in the media and ad industries, you have like 3 days of nonstop opportunities at seminars, events and hallway conversations. Get your elevator speech ready and don't miss your chance.
  • You meet so many amazing people who are knowledgeable and very accessible. Who may never be in the same room with again. Who you’ll later Google and immediately become anxious as you retrace whether or not you overdrank while talking to them
  • You meet people who are just like you, who you want to be like and who want to be like you. It's a great learning, growing, connecting experience. 
  • The agencies that go, sponsor and participate are the agencies that are invested on diversity and changing the face of advertising. And these are the agencies you want to work with 

2. Inspiration 

  • You’ll get to hear how different people with varied background, interest, and skills worked their way into and through this industry of ours.
  • I never leave AdColor the same way I came. It is such an awesome experience of learning, networking and just interacting with smart, interesting and fun people from the industry. I am always so motivated when I leave to do more and be better.
  • It makes you want to do and be better. So many inspiring stories in one place, there's no option but to go home and get your professional house in order to be the best you that you can possibly be, and inspire someone else one day to be you.
  • You get to celebrate some pretty awesome individuals. In the middle of claps and speeches at the awards show, you might find yourself with a little chill or a tingle..I think that is what it feels like to be injected with motivation!
  • You learn things you can take back to share with your agency. You go back a better employee of your agency.

3. Grown People Fun

  • Deals, jobs, and connections happen over cocktails in this industry. There are lots of cocktails at Adcolor. You probably like cocktails so it's a win win situation.
  • You’ll have a really good reason to wear that fancy suit collecting dust in your closet you spent far too much money on in the first place.
  • You’ll dance at the after party, even if you’re not a good dancer, even if you’re a horrible dancer, and you won’t care. (Until the next day) 
  • It's in LA. at the Beverly Hilton. Hashtag fancy
  • Oh, and Nick Cannon, Laz Alonzo and Morris Chestnut are going to be there. 

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Hurry and sign up. 

Special thanks to the contributors: Juan Carlos PaganRonnie Dickerson, Maegan Moore and Tracey Coleman. Looking forward to seeing you all in September.