Assignment: 10 Days of Inspiration

People often ask where I find inspiration. The quick answer is everywhere. Talking to new
people. Watching movies. Reading articles. Travelling. Looking at good ads. Looking at bad ads. The bottom line is you have to be active and seek out things and experiences to inspire you.

I try to start my mornings going through a few ad blogs and looking at some of the latest work out there. I came across this collection of 60 ads recently and thought I'd share.

The Inspiration: 
Here is a link to 60 Mind-blowing Advertisements That Will Boost Your Creativity to help inspire you this week. (Some of them you have to click through to, so don't think they're not working if you don't immediately see an image) 

The Assignment: 
Go through 6 a day for the next 10 days
and really take the time to figure out what's great about them. Look at the copy, the art direction, the techniques, the strategy, the target, the brand personality. Really comb through each one to see why it works.

(Feel free to do more than 6 or find your own list of 50 - 100 things. The one thing I ask of you is to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to look at ads. Consider it a quick creative cardio workout.)

Here's are 3 I randomly picked to start you off.