Are You A Big Deal?

Choose your words wisely. The way that you describe and sell yourself may be working against you.

You may be coming off as arrogant. As an asshole. As an amateur. A poser.

Is that what you want people to think about you?

When somebody reads your About Me section on your website, social media profile or LinkedIn page, the first impression they get of you is exactly what you give them. So make sure
the message you’re sending is the right one. And make sure it’s a message people will listen to.

The same way people tune out beggars and guys selling m&ms on the subway, recruiters and creative directors may read the first line of your email or your profile and turn the music up on their phones and bury their face in their paper.(You’ve got to be like this guy: Panhandler Pranks Subway.)

Switch things up. Surprise people. Be interesting, engaging and compelling. Stand out.

I highly recommend reading it, the examples and explanations they give are great. But here are the words real quick: Innovative. World-class. Authority. Results Oriented. Global Provider. Motivated. Creative. Dynamic. Guru. Curator. Passionate. Unique. Incredibly. Serial Entrepreneur. Strategist. Collaborative. 

How many times have you heard someone say they're a "passionate creative who is results oriented."? Yeah, so is my mom.

What can you really say about yourself that is true, and is ALL you? 

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