Advice From Recruiters

Here are two great recruiter blogs I really enjoy. Bookmark, read and learn.

Confessions of a Creative Recruiter
Be here. Now.

Ever been in a meeting and a couple folks bring their laptops? Then they spend the entire meeting typing away and half listening to what's going on? I don't get this.
First, it is definitely not quiet. Second, what good is half listening? Half good in my eyes.
Nothing says "I'm really much busier than all of you
and being in this 30-minute meeting is a cramp to my style" then bringing a laptop, phone, iPad and doing something else while you should be listening.
Be here. Now.
Not half here. Not half digesting what is said. Not half participating. Half contributing. Half everything.
Physical presence is one thing. Intellectual presence is another. When you attend a meeting, participate. And to fully participate you must be paying attention. Replying back to emails can wait. Seriously, I wonder who the heck is that important that their emails must be returned right that second.
Not to mention, it is rude.

When you are somewhere with someone, be there now. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Half there is half good.

My Life in Advertising & Creative Recruitment
LinkedIn Profile.

I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn and this is my advice. Choose a tasteful, professional looking
photo. Don’t choose a photo in which it is obvious you’re cutting someone else’s body/head out of the photo, or one that makes you look creepy, or you have red eye…you get the picture. Artsy is perfectly acceptable – just keep it professional. It is one of the first impressions you get to make. Along with this, always make sure all of your content is proofread. I see a ton of misspellings and grammatical errors on LinkedIn. I don’t know why it still shocks me, but it does. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is thoroughly proofread and professional all around. If you write a recommendation for someone, the same rules apply.