13 Essential Questions To Ask A Recruiter

Recruiters will ask you 3,982 questions when they meet you and throughout your relationship. (Note: Not all of these are relevant for juniors and entry level jobs, so use your discretion to make sure you don’t come off sounding arrogant.)
The article below looks at 13 questions you need to ask the recruiter:

Do you have the job in hand?
Have you placed with the client before?
Where is the job located?
What is the compensation package?
What is the company’s culture / core ideals?
What’s the job description?
What qualifications are they looking for?
What are the measures of good performance?
Why is the position open?
How long has the position been open?
Why has the position been open for so long?
What is the interview process?
What should I know about my hiring manager?

Make sure you read the whole article because it goes into details about why you need to ask these questions, when to ask them and how to move forward.

First Contact: 13 Essential Questions to Ask Your Recruiter
via Smarterer.com

If you’ve never given a recruiter the opportunity to handle your job search, it can be helpful to determine what value they can add to your job prospects. Because they get paid when you get placed, it behooves them to help define the path toward employment as much as possible. In your initial contact with the recruiter …. Read More at Smarterer