The 1 Thing No One Will Teach You

Sometimes, you have to figure things out.

You’ll fail along the way. But you will learn, too.
You’ll look like an idiot now and then. But, eventually you’ll get it.
You’ll have to put in extra time/effort/energy to get to the finish line, but you will get there.

Because you have to.

You were hired to solve problems.

And if your first problem is that you don’t know how to even approach this brand problem, you just have to figure it out.

You can’t go around crying and whining that no one told you how to do this.

And you definitely can’t NOT do it because you weren’t sure how it’s done.

You’re at work. Get it together buddy. 

Your coworkers are not being unfair or trying to make you look bad. Your school didn’t fail you. The universe is not out to get you.

The truth is, school can only prepare you so much. Once you get to work, you have to jump out of that cozy nest and learn how to fly.

People won’t have time to walk you through stuff, or teach you how something works or even explain why what you did is wrong in the first place. 

But you have a deadline. Tomorrow.

So you just have to figure it out. 


However you like. By any means necessary.

Look at other people. Ask a friend. Read a book. Google it. Practice. Experiment. Try something different. Play around with it. Slip and fall on your ass. Promise to never step in that one spot again. Start over from scratch. Go through at old work on the server.

Whether it’s a new client, new product, new project or new agency process, you have to get your work done. You have to think on your feet and make it happen.

The most valuable thing you need to know - the one lesson that is going to propel your creativity and your career -- is how to figure shit out. 

And only one person can teach you this. You.