5 Ways To End Monday Blues

 Yes, it’s Friday. Yes, you can’t wait to turn off* your computer and start weekending. Yes,

 you don’t want to think about work for one extra minute than you need to. (*Turn it off as in power it down completely. Don't be a jerk. Save some energy and the environment.)

But taking a little time to close up your week right, can make a big difference on the new one.

5 Things You Can Do Friday To Make Monday Better
  • Clean up your space. Mondays are tough enough as is, you don’t want to start your day out with clutter and disorder. So file those papers and docs. Archive your inbox. Recycle those printouts. Put your toys away. Throw out the trash.
  • Make a To Do List. What will you need to do Monday? Any meetings? Deadlines? Phone calls to your phone company to cuss them for overcharging you for no damn reason? Put reminders in your phone. Block off time on your calendar. Write them out so when you sit down on Monday morning you know exactly where to start.
  • Leave a treat for yourself. Maybe I’m a huge dork, but sometimes I leave myself a little snack or a nice note for Monday morning. It’s kinda nice when I get to work, open up my laptop and there’s a post-it that says “Good morning Sunshine! Today is going to be the best day yet.” 
  •      Don’t bring last week into next week. It's so easy to procrastinate or just say I'll deal
    with it on Monday. The thing is, everything looks extra hard and annoying on Monday mornings. Save yourself the stress:
  • Do your timesheets. As annoying as they are, it’s better to get      them over with on Friday, when you have the time and actually remember what you did this week
  • Finish things. By Monday you’ll forget where you were/what you were doing and/or not give a damn.
  • Reply to emails. Take a little extra time to reply to everything you’ve been “saving for later.”

  • Reflect. What are the most annoying/dreaded parts of Monday. How can you set things up so you don’t have to deal with it? For example, I try to have my blog post ready so all I have to do is hit publish and post.