Internship 104: 8 Ways to Network

That saying "Get your foot in the door" means so much in advertising. Connections are (fortunately/unfortunately) everything.

Now that your foot is in there, start working on how you can stay there. (And I guess you should figure out how to bring the rest of your body in too. It starts getting cold around November.) 

While you're interning, make sure you take the time to socialise and meet people.

Eight Quick (and seemingly obvious) Networking Tips: 

Go to events at your agency. During the summer, most agencies are a little slower and do fun things like Summer Fridays (half or full days off) and have lots of socials and events.
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Go to events at other agencies. Be on the look out on LinkedIn, Facebook and with your friends who work at other places to find out what's going on, when and where.
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Meet other interns. Whether or not they're in your internship program, department or even on your floor -- reach out to them, hang out with them, get to know who they know. You never know -- you may end up being  an usher at one of their weddings.  (Happened to me, could happen to you if you played your cards right.) 

Meet recently-hired people. Talk to other entry-level people and juniors. Find out about how they got in, what they know, who they know and learn all you can from them. Except for bad habits. Don't learn those.
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Ask people to lunch or to grab a coffee. Whether it's a junior, another intern, an ACD or a planner on your team, a smile and a simple "Hey, wanna run grab a coffee with me?" or "Hey, wanna try to grab lunch on Tuesday?" will get you far. Smokers have smoking breaks, which are amazingly social (and life-threatening). I use lunch and coffee/tea breaks to socialise in a way you don't usually get to sitting in conference rooms or cubicles.
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Use LinkedIn. Update your profile, add all your links, work and relevant experience, join groups and share articles, and reach out to people you meet along the way to keep their contact information and get access to who they know. (BTW I hate when people give me business cards, I lose them and feel like a litterer. I prefer whipping out my phone and adding them on LinkedIn right then and there. It's 2013 after all.) 
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Ask questions. Seriously. Even if you think it's dumb. Even if you think it's something you should know. (Maybe then, just ask one person, quietly. Or Google it. But definitely ask -- knowing is always better than not knowing.) 

Be yourself. Or be Chuck Norris. Either one of those works.

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