Internship 103: 5 Ways Not To Suck At Email

Never, ever, ever hit send before you read what you just wrote at least twice. Do it out loud
if necessary. Then do it one more time, just in case.

It's easy to say "I'm too busy" Or "I just need to say this real quick" Or "Let me do this on my way to the kitchen/bathroom/next meeting..." But doing that is almost as dangerous as not using condoms. You may get away fine a few times, but one day... you'll surely be fucked.

When it comes to emails -- ESPECIALLY work emails -- you have to be very conscious and very cautious.

Here are 5 Ways To Deal With Emails: 

1. Make sure you're saying what needs to be said in the most concise, professional and clear way.

2. Say only what needs to be said. Nobody has time to read an essay. Cut out anything that isn't essential. (For instance, those  last two sentences I just wrote)

3. Don't make yourself look stupid by making foolish gramatical mistakes and typos. Seriously. Don't do it.

4. Never respond when you're angry, scared or frantic. You'll regret everything after you hit send.

5. Don't fill the send field until you're done writing, editing and proofreading your email. Sending something too quickly or to the wrong person is an epidemic. Don't become a statistic.

The five things probably look simple enough. But there's really an art to it. Being able to properly represent yourself, your opinions/feelings and your agency in writing is something that comes with time.

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