Give Me A Break

Love this idea from Kit Kat - who's tagline "Give me a break" has been in use longer than some
of you have been alive (not a jab, you didn't miss much). They found a really interesting way to take the idea of "Give Me A Break" into today's digitally-immersed society.

Initially I had to read it a few times - Free No Wi-fi Zone? Huh? What? Why? 
I love the Internet!
But then I got it. Take a break from always being connected, always being on, always looking at a screen. Step away from the laptop, tablet and smart phone.
And eat chocolate. Obviously. 

A Challenge For You: 
What can come up with that takes a cultural/social trend and shows how your product can enhance or decrease it? Instead of creating a new trend or focusing on product innovations, try focusing on where people are, what people are already doing, what really matters to them -- and figure out how your product fits into that - not interrupts that. 

Also if you need a break at any point today, check out (and stare blankly at) the website where nothing happens
(the typo is their fault, not mine.)