Don't Accept That Offer. Yet.

I know you've been looking for a while now. I know you're tired of writing and revising emails,
working and reworking your book and waiting waiting waiting for a Yes.

And it'll come.

Just don't jump into it blindly.

That first job offer is magical. It's like chocolate-covered rainbows dipped in angel dust.

And it's easy to get caught up in the excitement and jump on it.


Here are a few things to consider before you accept that offer

1. Do you want to work there? With these people? On this client? For 40+ hours a week, 50ish weeks a year? Being miserable at a job is slow death. Make sure it feels right in your heart first.

2. Make sure it feels right for your pocket. Really look and see if you can afford to eat, sleep somewhere and pay your bills with the salary they offer. You probably had that conversation earlier in the interview process, and probably pulled a figure out of your ass when the recruiter asked what you think about salary. So take some time right now and check and and look at your budget and come up with a range that is appropriate for your position and life.

3. Research the agency (you should've done this before you even sent them your book). What's the culture? What's their reputation? What do other people say about them? What is their standing with clients - you don't want to get hired and they lose an account and you lose a job.

4. What do you want to gain from being here? Whether you end up being there for two years or twenty, go into it with a plan of what you want to do, learn and put in your book. Think about what your next step in your career and make sure this job will help you get there.

Honestly this is a big decision that requires a lot of time and thought.

If all of this aligns and is right, then please, go right ahead and sign that paper and then take a nice long soak in a tub full of Doritos.