Why I'm Not A Lawyer

One of my fav poems starts out "All of the best writers are lawyers..."

And I know a lot of great writers who became lawyers. I have a lot of friends that are lawyers. And briefly considered it myself. (Thank sweet soon-to-be-born Jesus I chose advertising instead.)

Working in an ad agency and a law firm are similar in certain ways - crazy hours, lots of pressure and politics, lots of perks and networking, stress and fixing messes and infrequent but rewarding wins.

But I get to wear flip flops in the office. And my research consists of browsing YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Ads of the World. And the best, best part about working in advertising is working in advertising. You've never heard someone say "Did you see that awesome contract Will drafted?"

Pretty much, the bottom line is that we get to do fun stuff like this:
(And even if you don't work on stuff like this directly, it's still awesome to know the option exists and to just be associated with this greatness.) 





and this too


 Take that corporate lawyers!
You may make more than I do, but I do more cool shit than you. Plus I'm happier.