We Need To Talk

Tonight  let's get together, and sit and chat for a bit. About advertising, life and everything in between (including how sometimes advertising is your life or ruins your life or just completely ignores that you have a life.) 

Join me for NYCCreative Intern's virtual event tonight (Thurs April 18th) at 8:30pm to talk about things and stuff. What I don't know I will ask Google. What Google doesn't know, I will make up. 

Start thoughters for questions: 

* Why did you become a creative?
* What do you look for in a job/agency? 
* What are some of your favourite things about being a copywriter/creative? 
* What is your average day/week like? 
* Is working in advertising just like they show on Mad Men? 
* Why have you never watched Mad Men? 
* How do you come up with ideas? 
* What are you currently obsessed with? (Spoiler alert: popcorn and anything mean about cats on buzzfeed.)

Other topics I may or may not be willing to discuss: going to portfolio school, getting your book together, getting a job, picking out your afro, finding a partner and what makes a good creative director/mentor/job/assignment/lunch. And anything about 30 Rock and/or Happy Endings.  Plus you'll be able to talk to other people too.

I promise not to talk with food in my mouth. Probably.

Go here to register (click this link) and here is all the relevant info:

[Virtual Event] Creative Q&A: Neisha Tweed, Senior Copywriter at Publicis Kaplan Thaler
Join us for a free, live, virtual, Q&A session with Neisha Tweed, Senior Copywriter at Publicis Kaplan Thaler.

Date: Thursday, April 18th
Time: 8:30pm  - 9:30pm EST
Where: Around the world, LIVE on your computer. This is an online/virtual event.
Registration: Free
On Twitter? Use the hashtag #CreativeQA

Are you wondering how to break into a certain industry? Trying to decide what position or role might be right for you? Our Creative Q&A series is designed to give you access to a successful creative who will share insight into what it takes to break into and advance in a particular industry.

The event will start with our speaker’s short version of how they got to where they are now. The majority of the time will be spent answering your questions, moderated by NY Creative Interns Founder, Emily Miethner. You can ask them live during the event and submit your questions ahead of time when you register.

This is a great opportunity to network with our speaker and your peers.

(IMPORTANT: Once you register here you will receive a link with information with how to access the event on Anymeeting.com.)

(this is the link again) ttys