Missed Job Opportunities

Last week I posted on various social networks about a job opening for junior creatives needed
ASAP. I was kind of surprised (aka disappointed) by some of the responses, so here are some tips for the future.

Next time you hear/see someone post about a job: 

1. Always, always and always include the link to your portfolio.
What if the person is busy, getting a lot of responses or posting on behalf of someone else (as I was)? You need to make things as easy and clear as possible.

2. Introduce yourself and give reasons why you're awesome.
Show that you're interested, show your personality and give a bit of history so they know something about you - that may be what compels them to actually click on your link.

3. If someone is recommending you (as I was) tell me what makes you so great.
Give me talking points to use when I share your work. Make it as easy as possible to get your work from your hands through mine and to a hiring manager.

4. Ask a few questions about who/what/where.
Sometimes that info cant be released too publicly or unless you're the right fit. But feel free to ask - is there any more info you can give about the opening? Agency? Client?

5. Include your contact info.
In the email and on your site. Go look right now and make sure your email adress is there and easy to find

Overall: Whether it's on Facebook or Linkedin, on a job board or from a friend on the inside - be professional, prompt and personable.

ASAP means as soon as possible aka right this instant bka blink and you'll miss out.

Sample Response:
Hey Neisha, heard you were looking for juniors - which is perfect because I'm a junior copywriter. I've been freelancing a bit at This Place and That Place for a bit, writing for Brand A and doing digital on Brand B. 

Here's my portfolio www.website.com and one of my side projects - Awesome-or-Awful.com - 
a flowchart for creative concepting. I'm working on some cool stuff right now for Brand X, too. I can share if you're interested. 

Can you give me any info about the agency or client? Would it be on your team? I see on Linkedin you're connected to So Andso and he had great things to say about you. Whether or not this opportunity works out, I'd love to chat more. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

It's not perfect, but you get the idea.