Inspiration: Beautiful Art Direction

What sucks is the fact that no matter how great of an idea I come up with, or how amazing and
smart my headline/tagline is - without great art direction - it all falls flat.

This is tough for a writer because you have to understand your limitations and you have to depend on someone else who may not share your vision or have the skills to properly bring it to life. (This is why you should be very discerning about picking a partner.)

At the same time, this is why good art directors should pat themselves on the back. It takes skill to make a good idea shine and a bad idea look shiny.

Here are some examples of beautiful and creative art direction. 
(Please note - that are also - mostly - good and strategic ideas. I know I just mentioned making bad ideas look shiny, but that is the opposite of what you should do. Good design makes great things greater. Write it down. That should be your goal today. "I'm going to make a great thing greater." Ok carry on.)

(via Copyranter )

American Psycho




Grass Roots


Swedish Fish

Makati City fire station