How To Not Die From Boredom At Work

Truth is, advertising isn't fun and games every day. I've never been one to sell you some dream. I've talked many times about how hard it can be - stress, rejection and creative blocks. Oh, and rounds and rounds seemingly meaningless edits. (How many other ways are there to say "fulfill" before you want to delete the "lfill" part and add "ck" to the word?) 

Honestly, you may work in an agency/ on a brand/ or in a position where the opportunities to do cool, creative stuff just aren't there - or at least don't make it on your desk.

But that doesn't mean you can't do cool, creative stuff.

1. Start working on some extra ideas in your down time.
If you have a great idea - think it through, do a write up/comp, and share it with your superiors. "Hey, I had this random idea... what if we did something like this..."

If it's a good idea, you'll get 250 brownie points (which you can cash in later when a real cool project comes in). If it's really good, they may tell you to blow it out, and then push it through to the account team and client. If it's great and the client really loves the idea, they'll produce it.

And if neither of those things happen, but you still think the idea is awesome, polish it up for your book.

You can't lose.

2. Look at every project you get and ask yourself - "How can I make this awesome? How can I go above and beyond and answer the assignment with fries on the side?" 

Always keep this quote in mind:

There is no such thing as a boring project. There are only boring executions. -Irene Etzkorn

Take this seemingly boring project for example
It was supposed to be a direct marketing piece to announce that Wunderman is moving. Yawn.

It's now a full social campaign with a Twitter account (@wundermanNYC ), Pinterest Page and tumblr - - with games, posters and other fun things. Yay! 

What could've been a forgettable "Hey, we're moving!" is now a fun, engaging "Follow us every day between here and there." 

The Moral of the Story:
I could say "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade..." but the truth is, I believe only boring people get bored. 

The cure for work is right in front of you.
Er, or inside of you.
It is you...?

You get what I'm saying - quit looking at what stuff isn't and think about what it could be.

Get to work.