Mistakes You Should Make

These mistakes really resonated with me. Whenever I mess up or feel like I'm just a big ole bucket of fail, I remind myself that all this is happening to teach me something. 

 And I then turn my attention to look for the lesson - Why is this happening? What am I not doing right? What are different ways to do this? Who can I ask for advice or tips?

The best part is 3 to 6 months later (*ahem* or 12), when I look back and think "Remember that time you were effing this up? It's so easy to you now. You joker."

And I smile.

Because I know I've grown. And that I'm a joker.

Five Winning Mistakes
1. Fall Down
Remember the first time you rode a bike? You fell, right? How did you learn to ride? By falling.
How do we learn to get better? By getting back up… and falling again.

2. Quit
Sometimes you have to say no to something to make space for something even better.

3. Indulge
We must consume to create. No consumption, no creating.

4. Mess
Make an absolute mess. I did this with candy once… and loved it.
Mess-making is a great avenue to new discoveries.

5. Accident
Silly putty is the result of an accident. Accidents breed inventions.