Mistakes That Made Your Life Better

Who knows what your mistake could lead to?

When it comes to being creative - go all out and experiment. When it comes to work, it doesn't have to be something big - it could be little things like breaking a conventional rule or pushing a boundary. Like using a noun as a verb (I used "Flintstoning"in an script once and my boss went wild) or over-exposing a picture or trying an seemingly off-brand typeface.

Remember, you can always use the excuse: "Oh, I couldn't do that? I'm new/young, my bad."

During our first three months at this job, my partner and I pushed and changed as many things as we could using the New and Didn't know better defense. It led to some really cool work. (And several snaps back to reality when they'd say "You're kidding. We can't do that. Change it back.")

That's what Apple Z was made for. 

Here are some Awesome Mistakes/Accidents:

From fun stuff to food to tools that save lives (pacemakers, x-rays and penicillin), I'm pretty thankful for a lot of these mishaps, aren't you?

Popcicles popped up after an eleven-year old left his soda making tools outside overnight and it froze with the stick he was using to stir the mixture still in it.

Chocolate-chip cookies
Chocolate-chip Cookies were made when the owner of Toll House Inn ran out of baker's chocolate and used small pieces sweetened chocolate instead. The chocolate didn't melt and voila! We have chocolate chips!

Play-Doh was originally meant to be a wallpaper cleaner.

Post-it notes

Post-it Notes came about a colleague of a  researcher at 3M (who was trying to make a strong adhesive, but actually made a weaker one that could be pulled off easily without leaving a mark like other adhesives) used this adhesive on little pieces of paper to mark his pages. 

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