Agency's Plea for Google Glass

Shared the awesomeness that is Google Glass in this post last Friday, this week, kbs+ (kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners) launched a campaign - well a tumblr - as plea to get their hands on a pair. 

According to the tumblr:
kbs+ took on the Google Glass Challenge: If I had glass… A bunch of us came together to record and share our ideas. But the best part is that after seeing our passion for the project, our agency has promised that if even one of our ideas is chosen by Google, they will realize and document all of the ideas we submitted. 

The page has a TON of videos of employees saying what they would do #ifihadglass, all under 15 seconds (that's the way to make a good pitch! be quick, precise and to the point!)

 What's great about this idea is it's relatively low cost - videos could easily done on a smartphone, the tumblr probably took 4 minutes to set up - and whether or not any of them actually get a pair of Google glasses, they individuals and the agency are getting press.

Pretty sneaky. And strategic. (that's how you need to be thinking about promoting yourself and even products for your clients.) 

Here are some of my favs. You can check them all out at kbs+glass

Google is no longer accepting applications, so if you missed out - sucks for you. 

Happy Friday!