Tuesday Inspiration: Think of Travel

Everybody needs a travel-related piece in their book. I don't know if this is a fact or not. I may have just made it up. But it makes sense to me right now.

First off, travel is amazing. Seriously. You grow so much, get inspired beyond your wildest dreams, and actually experience some of your wildest dreams. And not I'm not exaggerating.

Seeing different parts of the world, experiencing different cultures and being thrust into a situation where everything is different and strange and now you're the odd one out is amazing for your character. And your creativity.

I asked for a week off during portfolio school to take my sister to London and Paris. The copywriting department head said: "Go. You can learn more there in a week than you can in a quarter here."

Not to be a cliche, but life is the best teacher. And travel is sort of like a cheat sheet.

So my first bit of advice is to travel.

My second bit, is to work on some piece of travel for your book. Whether it's a tourism ad for Oaxaca or a travel brochure for Lincoln, Nebraska - challenge yourself to find ways to make the seemingly unattainable or average feel indispensable.

That's what our jobs are, right. To sell a dream. What's a better dream than getting away from it all?

To inspire you, here are two pieces I really like. One is a fun and bold personal project by some Kentucky-loving creatives and the other is a classy, dreamy series of typography and travel.

Do something -- anything -- that will move people. Literally.

Kentucky for Kentucky
from Kentuckyforkentucky.com

Kentucky Kicks Ass - Rebranding Kentucky from Kentucky for Kentucky on Vimeo.

Europe in Letters: Location Typography
from Visual News