Super Ad Weekend 2013

My holiday hiatus ended up being longer than I anticipated. Yet shorter than I wanted.

But I’m back. Ready for 2013 and (cue the trumpets) one of the biggest nights in advertising this year – Super Ad Weekend (also known to sports fans as The Super Bowl)

I don’t know who’s playing or who. I’m not going to watch during Half Time. I’m most excited about the awesome/awful ads that are going to launch.

(I was that dork in college who taped the big game so I could fast-forward through the football parts and get to the ads. Thank goodness for YouTube and the greatness that is the Internet in 2013. Now I can just pretend to watch the game and then nerd-out on the ads in private later.)

There’s sure to be new (and hopefully great) stuff from Budweiser, Bud Lite, Coke and Pepsi, car brands (remember last year’s amazingly written Clint Eastwood Chrysler spot?), Doritos, Go Daddy and probably (but hopefully not) e-trade or whoever does the creepy talking babies.

According to the news, we can expected stuff from Blackberry 10, Best Buy, “Got Milk” and Axe, too. 

A :30 spot costs millions of dollars – not counting the costs of actually making the ads – so I hope these brands make good use of all that moula and fully titillate the Skittles out of me on Sunday evening.

Here are two spots that were pre-released. (I haven’t watched them. I have a strict no peek policy.)