Run For The White House: Best Political Ads

In honor of yesterday being Presidents' Day, I'd like to share some famous political ads.

It's been an interesting history -- from town halls and meetings to propaganda posters and print ads to radio to TV to Obama's incredible social strategy -- I'm not going to go into the details (partially because I don't know all of it) but here's a link that I found helpful and informative. Feel free to read A Brief History of Political Advertising in the USA in your leisure.

Whether you've been paying attention or not (the last two elections have been difficult to miss - even if you tried), here are some of the bests from elections past.

(one of my favs.)


(Can't lie, it's catchy)

Such a creative insight.

This isn't even an ad - which is part of what makes it great.

And then there's this:
  Not for TV, not official from the party, but shareable, digital and great for reaching a younger audience.