New Ads For Old Things

Do you have anything in your book for a classic product? Something you remember from your childhood that's still around? Something that is so a part of our culture and lives that we don't even think about it?

Everyone else is working on the popular brands (Coke), local kitschy places (Brad's Bacon Bits & Tire Shop), or just making up products (Glow in the Dark Tide) - you should start thinking about creating something great for well-known brands that have survived decades of changing tastes, cultural shifts and technological advancements?

Stuff like LL Bean, Campbell's condensed soups, Hersey bars, Wilson footballs, Little Debbie, Wonderbread, Vaseline, Post-its, and Hasbro.

Check out these print ads for Scrabble (made by Hasbro.)
Some of them make you think, some make you smile, all in all, you get it and they all remind you that the most awesome game ever still exists.

What can you reach back into the past to relevant in 2013?

What awesome digital and social ideas could you come up with for Scrabble or another board game? (Think Connect Four, Battleship, Monopoly, Candyland etc.)

Get to work!

Great Ads For The Greatest Game Ever. 
(I may be slightly biased.)