Make Somebody Cry

When making an ad of any sort, your goal should be to reach people -- and to make them respond.

Whether it's to laugh, or to cry, or to run out immediately and buy something - always ask yourself "Is this going to get a reaction?"

I had a teacher in portfolio school say "Whether somebody loves it or completely hates it, at least they reacted to it. You never want someone to go Meh. You never want to be forgettable." (Those weren't his actual words and I'm pretty much a liar for using quotes here but you weren't there so you can't prove anything.)

People usually go for funny (which isn't as easy as it sounds). But what about making someone sad/thoughtful/introspective?

Here are some ads that made me cry. (In full disclosure, I cried during The Lion King and almost needed therapy after watching City of Angels. But they had hours to work on my heart strings, these ads are 60 seconds or less.)

Enjoy. Well, don't enjoy...I don't know. Just be inspired.