Make a PSA Today

Milk advertising is mostly propaganda and spin*. People think I'm weird when I say this. But I think it's weird that humans are the only species that drink another animal's milk and the only ones that drink milk as adults. Well, besides for cats, who are given cow's milk by humans... so... yeah. Bottom line is: Y’all are weirdos.

Anyway, I figured, if advertising could get seemingly sensible humans to do something so borderline ridiculous and against nature, then what else could advertising to get people to do?

The diabolical side of me first thought- "Take over the world!" [insert evil laughter]

But then the sweet part of me said- "Fix the world."

We work so hard every day to get people to buy things, to spend money and to over-indulge.

How about if we used our skills for good?

I say all this to ask - Do you have a PSA in your book yet? Or at least something, anything, that isn’t about spending, but about doing? Something that will move people to act or to change? Or at least think?

The image above is one of my favs that has stuck with me for years. It’s simple and striking.

Here are some others I thought were cool. Be inspired. Go create something that can fix the world.

Right now.

You can be funny:




Above all else, be smart:

And to not be a total Debbie Downer, here’s a video montage of cats loving or hating water.

* I'm not going to get into it now my whole anti-milk tirade, but milk doesn't really do a body good and isn't really going to help you lose weight and won't stop you from getting osteoporosis. And non-organic cow's milk... shudder.