Friday Treat: Google's Latest

What's better -

A. The amazingness that is Google Glass? Check out the video posted Wednesday of Google Glass - augmented reality glasses that respond to voice commands and do just about anything a smart phone can -  view images, messages, maps, video chats, etc - right in front of you, while you're doing whatever else you want to do.

Read How They Work

B. Or are the comments below the YouTube video the real stars here?

C. Or maybe it's the fact that you can get one sooner than you thought?

They're accepting applicants for beta testers - with a surprisingly simple process that starts with

"Using Google+ or Twitter, tell us what you would do if you had Glass, starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass."

Applications due Feb 27. Get all the info and apply now.

(Note how they didn't include Facebook lol. Play nice kids!)

All in all, a whole heap of amazing.