Change The World. Or A Law.

Still in the political tip for some reason - don't ask.

Realised I don't think I've ever seen a book with political ads. Maybe "Go Vote" things, but nothing more actionable.

Could be interesting to try your hand at it.

Not for actual candidates (way too polarising) but may try doing something for laws and propositions and social causes.

Ooh! I'm excited! This could be great!! You should totally do this

What if you could create ads that you can see directly how well it works? What if your ad changed the country? What if you could make people's lives better? 

What if you created a campaign for/against Prop 8, Prop 37 or Arizona SB 1080  (gay marriage, GMOs, racism respectively)? ((full disclosure: I'm disgustingly liberal. ))

How could you educate people and motivate them to actually act?

Here are some ads I found for the laws I mentioned above - and while these particular issues may no longer be very relevant (they are) - there are others out there. (A lot) And there will be many, many more. (Unfortunately)

The most important thing that came out of my search was this: I'm sure you can do much, much better than this. 

Research what's going on out there, pick a side, then create something that will make people think - or better yet - act.