50 Sites You Should Bookmark Now

First off, let me just say that I fricking LOVE the Internet. If the Internet were a man, I'd totally marry him, quit my job and have hella Internet babies and spend my days teaching, cooking, cleaning and doing whatever the Internet told me to do. I will be his Subservient Chicken. And we'll live happily ever after (hopefully in a mansion somewhere in the world wide web.)

But I digress

In case you weren't paying attention, or maybe forgot or didn't have the time - Time Tech was kind enough to collect the most awesome websites of 2012 and share it with me. (Probably not me personally, but I'd like to think that so let me have this.)

And now I'm sharing it with you.

Who will you share it with? 

50 Best Websites 2012

TIME's annual salute to sites and services that keep you entertained and informed, save you time and money — and maybe even change your life. 

Here's the full link because it's one of those awfully designed pages that makes you click through to read more instead use my two finger scroll like real people. 

Here's one of my favs: 

" When you’re listening to music online, you can painstakingly create your own playlists. You can rely on technology such as that employed by Pandora to choose songs you’re likely to enjoy. Or you can drop into Songza, where the hard work of constructing playlists is done by the site’s music experts; the only technology they use is their own good taste. The Music Concierge feature lets you choose a scenario (such as “Cooking Breakfast” or  ”Unwinding After a Long Day”) and helps you home in on a genre (like “Smooth Rockabilly” or “Frat-Rap House Party”). Then you just sit back and listen."