Typos, Tyops & Mispellings

Truth be told, I'm a bit of a fiend about spelling and grammar. The Internet short-hand and texting have practically ruined all that is good and sacred about the English language.

I got a text from my cousin recently that had "gud" "kool" "wud" and "i no rite!" and bits of my heart chipped off and fell into a deep abyss. It was pretty painful.

But he’s 18. (Not that it's acceptable, but I just don't trust anyone born after 1990 to understand anything.)

When I see adults, especially people at work, write foolishness like this, I want to beat them with a hot pipe.

Don’t let words make you look stupid (wrote about it here but felt it was worthy of repeating and ramming down your throats one more time).

A simple typo or misspelling can totally change the meaning of your sentence. And are a personal in the communications field - it kinda helps to be able to communicate effectively.

Here are some commonly misspelled and misused words that I need you to get right before 2013.

And while we’re at it. It’s A (space) LOT. Not ALOT. This site has a funny and memorable way to help you get it right.
The Alot is Better Than You At Everything.  

Tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends.