Promote Yourself

Sadly, having a great portfolio doesn't necessarily guarantee you a job.

It may take some time, and some work, to get your foot in the door. There are hundreds of other creative wannabes out there. How are you going to stand out from the creative crowd?

How are you going to get your name out there? How are you going to show your skills, enthusiasm and overall awesomness to the world?

I've already shared a few examples of ways to promote yourself - Creative Job Hunting

and featured a few student projects that have given them notarity, like Go Art Director Go 

and TypeConnection 

And an entire a class at the Creative Circus did CCHS 2012 

I came across this fun piece on AgencySpy and thought it was another great example of ways you can get seen - and written about*

*Just make sure your book is as awesome as your idea. 

Get to work!