Lessons from iPhone

Remember when the first iPhone ad came out?

On a hunt for inspiration this weekend, I was looking for brands that have a distinct look, style or branding element that sets them apart from the rest. Something that when people see it, they'll know exact who the ad is by.

Apple is good at that. Always clean, simple, product focused and I'm pretty sure it's the same voiceover guy throughout. 

I came across this post with 89 iPhone ads from 2007 to 2012. Jackpot!

It was great to watch the evolution of the campaign - and the product. 

As a creative wannabe, this is a great campaign for you to learn from.

Look at how the product is always king.
How they make product demos look sexy.
Keep a keen eye on the things that stay consistent and the things that evolve.
How they can talk about different product features and still keep the same style and ad format.
The fact that they usually focus on feature per ad - one single message.
And especially note the branding - you almost always know it's an Apple ad.

Watch all the ads here
Apple's iPhone: The Complete Campaign