Is Your Campaign Working?

This campaign totally tickles me. It's quick. It's smart. It's funny. But when the chuckles die down a slew of questions pop up.

What are they selling? Books? But you pretty much just gave me the cliff notes versions, so why should I read it now?

And now that I've seen these great ads, what do you want me to do? Just laugh? What's the call to action?

Is there a website? A location? Something? Anything?

Granted this is from Italy so maybe it's popular there and I'm just out of the know, but I'd still like to know who the brand is. When I tell my friends about these ads I should be able to say "Just saw this cool ad by (brand) for (product/service)."

Tip: Think about that when you're working on your stuff.

Is it explicit who you are advertising for?
Is the product/service evident?
Are the product/service benefits clear?
Do people know what to do next? (go to a store? go online? light themselves on fire?) definitely goes into this on a very detailed level but you should be asking yourself these questions.

Here's the campaign for Quercus Books, which according to my BFF Google, is a bookseller/publisher.