Making Lemonade

As a creative, you don't always get what you want. (Kinda like life)

You come up with a kick-ass idea and your partner doesn't like it, or your boss changes it, or the account team kills it. And if it makes it to the client, you better hold your breath.

The thing is, sometimes the clients don't necessarily hate what you present. They may even love it. But then they start telling you all these things to change, add in or take out that in the end, strip your kick-ass idea of the kick.

There are several ways to deal with this.

Make two -- a version the way they want and one the way you like and show them both and see if seeing it in real life sways them. (It may not. So be prepared for that.)

Do a version for your book. Make it how you like it and though it may never be seen by the masses, at least you love it.

(Sometimes agencies do "agency versions" for TV spots that are different to the one that is actually produced and shown on air because they like that better.)

Create a tumblr with cool designs showing off the ridiculous feedback you've gotten. Like the folks at Heard Back From The Client

It's funnier when you look at it this way and makes it easier to accept and move on.

Just do it. Whether or not you agree with the feedback, you have to find creative ways to work with and/or around the requests to make something that works. After all, that's what you get paid to do.

Here are two of my favs from