It Aint Easy Being Creative

People think advertising is easy until they actually have to do it.

It looks fun, but there is some science - and art - to it.

Recently, after going through several rounds of feedback and revisions -- about two minutes before I'd start pulling out my hair - I had the clients sit with me and said "Let's figure this out together."

I wanted get better feedback so I could properly solve their problems. And more importantly, I wanted them to see my frustrations.

Within the first ten minutes, they were both frustrated. One even said "It's like we're stuck in a box."

I wanted to hug her. WELCOME TO MY LIFE!

Eventually, we found a hole and were able to get out of that box and while it was only a small part of a big project, we all kind of wanted to throw confetti.

I can't always trap the client in a room until we figure something out, of course. Sometimes you just have to try and fail. Then try and fail. Then try and fail again.

But when you do get it (If you get it) it feels like bathing in champagne waterfall at the end of a double rainbow.

Here's a snippet from Art & Copy talking about how the teams came up with "Just Do It"

It wasn't easy. But they did it. And it was (still is) brilliant.