Praise vs Criticism

My co-worker has this on his wall (apparently he created it. He must be some sort of creative or something.) 

I love it because people (*ahem* especially younger folks) are always looking for praise and pats on the back and not as readily open and receptive to criticism and negative feedback. 

I've written about Dealing with Death and Accepting Feedback. But let's talk about it a bit more. 

Throughout school, working on your book, your first few years and your ENTIRE advertising career, people are going to tell you what you're doing wrong. Teachers, coworkers, creative directors, clients - everyone has an opinion about what's wrong and what could be better. 

I'm not saying you have to do whatever they say, but you should be able to listen to them. 

Being humble, accepting, understanding and, most importantly, being able to learn from your mistakes and become better will keep you employed. And keep your portfolio growing. 

Don't be mad because so-and-so didn't have anything good to say. Be thankful they cared enough to be honest with you about where you're falling short. 

A lot of other people would just sit and watch you fail. Or say "Never mind, she doesn't get it. Bring in What's His Face to do it instead." 

You don't want this. 

Try. Fail. Then try again. (Read: Fail Big and Fear of Failure

You're going to make mistakes. You're going to get it wrong. You're going to have to make revisions.

Find out what you're doing wrong. Find out how to fix it. Learn from it. Grow for it. Get better. 

Cheers to being torn to shreds. 

The only way to go from there is up.