My 1st Month as A Creative

Last year, I interviewed two creatives who didn't go to portfolio school. One is an ACD copywriter now and the other, Simeon, just landed his first job, also as a copywriter. 
His first month has been interesting - to say the least - as he is learning the ins and outs of an agency. I've asked him to share some of his learnings with you.
A Few Words About My Few Days as a Mad Man
by Simeon Coker 
Copywriting for me is about finding the right words and putting them in the right order so that people do what you want them to do. 
In the happy place of my brain I am capable of doing this blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back. 
In reality, not so much. Thankfully, I am learning on the job. 
 With no prior copywriting experience or internships everyday is a learning experience. Here are few things that I’ve learned.

1.     If you don’t speak up you will be forgotten. I am naturally not the most talkative person. I’m more of a chimer-in a group setting. When I want work to do chiming in doesn’t cut it. Speak up or get left behind. (Read: Get What You Want and What's So Special About You?)

2.     That happy place in my brain is not always right. It sucks when that genius thing you wrote is not good enough for the client or your creative director. They are paying me to be great- usually that takes several revisions. It’s never good enough until it’s great. (Read: Dealing with Death and The Circle of Rejection.)
3.     There is no such thing as an eight-hour workday. Work is not over until it’s over. There is no fat lady that sings, just a creative director that says it’s ok to go home. I learned this the hard way one Friday when I had to cancel dinner plans because quitting time was nowhere in sight. (Read: Don't Get a Job in Advertising)

4.     I heard of the feast and the famine before but I didn’t understand it until I experienced it. I experienced two consecutive weeks of no consecutive work. The down time was painful and I had to find creative ways to create work for myself and stay busy.  I learned to appreciate the moments when I can barely breath because I’m so busy. (Read: Surviving the Feast & Famine)

5. I work to get work. I'm a junior copywriter at the bottom of the totem pole - no one knows me or what I'm capable of. If I want to be included on major assignments I will have to do some grunt work so that people know the quality of my work and know that I am reliable. Nothing in life is free. If I want to move up the ladder I will have to start by doing all of the work that no one else wants to do. (Read: But Are You Ready to Work)