Why Didn't Anyone Tell me?

The words "Why didn't anyone tell me?" should never come out of your mouth as a Baby Food reader. Ever.

In Ghana, the symbol Sankofa stands for learning from the past. I love by this idea. My main purpose is to help you in the way others helped me and give you some of the tips, tools and insights I wish I someone told me.

Mat Zucker, thankfully, has the same idea. And he could probably give you far more and better advice than I could any day. (Unless it's Thursday. I'm pretty smart on Thursdays.)

I've featured him before when he shared What I Wish Someone Had Told Me  and now he's started The Hind Sight Project.

Hindsight: What We Learn When We Look Back

Hindsight is an ongoing and curated collection of career wisdom provided by experienced professionals across creative fields, with an emphasis on advertising, design, media, public relations, publishing and production. For folks entering the industries, seeking to move up, or starting their own business, these stories are wisdom and advice not available anywhere else. The material includes what we wish we had known about a job, managing career choices, navigating organizations, hiring and working with other people, as well as memories of mentors who indelibly shaped the people we’ve all become. The project was created by creative director Mat Zucker, video content and experience producer Andrea Leminske and director David Gaddie of The Colony.


Watch the highlight reel and go to the site to see all of them.

They also have a few Pinterest boards you should definitely follow --> here.

As hard as getting in the business is today, it's easier when you have access to all this knowledge. Use it and be great.