Is your campaign Awesome or Awful?

It gets easier. I promise.

But it's always going to be difficult deciphering if your idea or execution is great or not.

Sometimes because you're too close to it. Sometimes because you love it too much. Sometimes because you just don't know.

As you go through school, internships and your first few years, you'll get better at saying "Yes" this is good and "No" this sucks.

At first it'll be easier with other people's work, and eventually you'll get better at judging your own ideas.

In the meantime, Erin Eby and I have created fun and informative flow chart to help you through the process. is a self-critique tool for young creatives that walks them through the elements of a campaign, from concept to execution, to make sure they have all the necessary elements to end up with awesome work.

The site is best viewed in Chrome or Safari. Firefox will make you download the pdf, which isn't bad but just fyi.

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