Interview to the Top Recap

Last night's Interview To The Top event by NY Creative Interns was very informative and interesting. Not just because I was there. (hardyharhar)

Everyone overall had interesting experiences and lots of advice to share, from their own lives to things people have done.

Here's a quick recap and some takeaways from some of my MAS students and the lucky ticket winner, Ronai.

Things That Stood Out To Me:
 * Always follow up with an email within 24 hours. An additional handwritten note never hurts.

* If they make an offer that's too low, counter respectfully and honestly. Say what you bring to the table and why you think you deserve more money.

* As an intern, make yourself essential so they'll want to keep you long term.

* Network, network and network. Employee referrals are a big thing.

* Be likable. Be engaging. Be confident. Always remember - you're amazing. Live it, be it, show it.

Things That Stood Out to Them:

* Turn the interview back on the recruiter.
* Best ways to answer the question, "Tell Me About Yourself."  These include telling the recruiter where you come from, what you are doing, and what you would like to do (both personally and professionally) as well as framing your answer to answer a more specific question.

* Tell stories.  
- Andrew

* The cover letter advice was really helpful because introductions can be a bit awkward if not done right.

* Social Media is an opportunity that I haven't fully taken advantage of yet. I can do Facebook stuff, but I'm not good with tweets.

* Salary Negotiation - I'm really humble with money, but I don't want to undervalue effort. When I'm starting out, there won't be much leverage but it's good to know for the future.
- Ken 

* I learned today that when it comes to an interview, every little detail counts. From your tone of voice, to the smile on your face, to the way you shake hands, everything is being analyzed. Ironically, the best way to deal with all these things is to not think about them. Just be yourself, and everything should be fine.
* Dress is very important. If you're in doubt about what to wear, its always better to overdress than under. Interviewers can tell if you were unsure about the dress code, and they'd rather see that you made the choice to look nice.

* Your resume and cover letter should be altered to match whatever company and type of job you are applying for. Still, however, both should be able to tell your story. Some interviewers read just the cover letter and not the resume. Some read just the resume and not the cover letter. In either case, you want to represent yourself well.
- Greg 

* The importance of having a social media presence and more importantly actively engaging with those in your industry. This not only gives you a heads up on industry news/ gossip, but provides you with the information to converse with industry professionals should you be awarded the opportunity.

* Think about the total package. Salary, PTO, Insurance, etc. All are equally important.

* Research. Do your research. Know the company. Find out who the Hiring Manager is. "To Whom This May Concern" is a faux pas. Put Linkedin to good use.
- Ronai 

Definitely stay connected with NY Creative Interns and check out their intern and entry-level job board